Strategies for Keeping Raccoons Out of Your Trash And Green Bin

Strategies for Keeping Raccoons Out of Your Trash And Green Bin

The raccoon is very smart and quick on the draw, and it often comes into neighbourhoods at night to look for food. Their strong sense of smell and quick paws make trash cans and green bins look like great places to eat. If you’re sick of cleaning up after these hidden thieves or are worried about the health risks they might pose, it’s time to take steps to keep them out of your trash and green bins.

  1. Keep lids on tight:

Tightening the lids on your trash and green bins is the first and most effective thing you can do to keep raccoons out. Buy containers with lids that can be locked, or add locking devices to the bins you already have. Even though raccoons are smart, they can’t get past a container that is properly shut.

     2. Bungee cords:

You can keep lids in place with heavy-duty bungee bands, which are cheap and useful. Hook the cords to the bin’s handles and loop them over the top of the bin. With this extra protection, it’s hard for raccoons to open the lid.

  1. Put weights on the bins:

Raccoons might knock over light bins to get to what’s inside. To make the bin more stable, put heavy things in the bottom, like bricks or big rocks. This makes it harder for the rats to knock over the container.

  1. Keep the bins in a safe place:

Green and trash bins should be kept in a safe, protected space if possible, like a garage or a shed. This makes sure that rats can’t get to your trash cans in the first place.

     5. Install lights that turn on when motion is detected:

Since raccoons are active at night, they often look for food when it is dark. Put lights near your bins that turn on when you walk by them. When raccoons come closer, the quick light can scare them away and stop them from trying.

  1. Clean the bins often:

Raccoons can be drawn to even the faintest smell of food. To get rid of smells, rinse your bins with water mixed with honey or bleach. Make sure to clean them every time they’re picked up.

  1. Put ammonia to use:

Raccoons don’t like the smell of ammonia. Put rags or sponges that have been soaked in ammonia in your trash cans. Raccoons will not be able to open the package because of the strong smell.

        8. Double bagging:

If you want to hide the smell of food scraps or leftovers, put them in two bags. Raccoons might not be able to smell the scent through this extra layer.

  1. Things that repel:

You could use raccoon repellents that you buy in stores or natural ones like cayenne pepper, garlic, or citrus peels next to your trash cans. Raccoons will stay away from this place because these smells are unpleasant to them.

  1. Talk to your waste management service:

Some companies that take care of trash have bins that raccoons can’t get into. You can ask your local service about these choices because they can be very good at keeping raccoons away.

  1. Teach Your Friends and Family:

Raccoons often hang out in the areas around neighbourhoods. Teach your neighbours how to keep raccoons out because their trash cans can attract them.

  1. Pickups on a regular basis:

If you’ve tried a lot of different things and the raccoons are still a problem, you might want to ask for your trash to be picked up more often. This will cut down on the time your bins are outside, which will make them less appealing to raccoons.

To sum up, keeping raccoons out of your trash and green bins takes more than one method, but it’s well worth the work. By locking up your bins and using these raccoon-proofing tips, you can keep your outdoor space cleaner and healthier while keeping these smart animals away. Keep in mind that living with wildlife also means taking care of their health and safety, so choose methods that will scare off raccoons without hurting them.

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