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If contractual pests return following service and within the guarantee and warranty period we will return at no additional cost. We work hard on keeping our customers free from ants. We guarantee every service and provide extensive warranties to make sure pests are gone and our customers are happy. Call The Exterminators Inc. for pest control services in Bolton.

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Ant Control Bolton

We provide customers with guaranteed and affordable ant control services done by full insured and licensed exterminators that have access to powerful commercial-grade pesticides. These pesticides are safe to use indoors and have very low mammalian toxicity. We deploy these insecticides through crack and crevice applications in areas of high activity and peak areas. With the help of residual effects, ants who walk on it will be affected and will eventually perish. This includes eggs as soon as they hatch. We perform a baseboard spray throughout the interior and if required a exterior spray that covers the perimeter of the property at the base of the building that will barricade the interior completely. Once these pesticides come I  contact with the ants they will perish.

Our extermination is covered with a 6-month service warranty. If ants ever return, so will we for no additional cost. Call us to start getting rid of ants now at 647-578-7949



Technicians will start the inspection process by identifying high levels of activity and signs associated with ant presence. To do this the technician will have to identify for ant species and for colonies. Once the hotspots wherever they frequent have been identified, the technicians will then move on to inform the property owner and prepare for extermination.


Technicians will start the extermination process right after the inspection. Technicians will use pesticides and baits based on what species are identified and to what compounds they are attracted to. To start the process, the technicians will deploy a full-coverage baseboard spray throughout the interior of the property. Once ants will walk on the treatment, they will perish. Baits will be placed in peak active areas. Baits will be carried back by forager ants and stored for further consumption which will happen over time. The foragers will be affected by the residual insecticides while the ants inside the nest will be affected by the baits that were brought inside the nest leading to a complete extinction of the ant presence over time.

On the exterior, pesticides will be sprayed on the outside base of the home as well as, windows, window wells, door frames and other areas ants frequent. The base of the property will be covered with a thin coating of insecticide throughout the perimeter creating defensive shield to prevent ants from the outside entering the inside.  We cover our extermination with a 6-month service warranty. If ants come back, we come back for no additional fee.

In the case of carpenter ants since they make interior nests directly inside the property, signs and traces will be assessed to inject pesticides directly behind the wall where the nest is located using a small hole with a power drill. This will take additional time and may require an additional cost. The technician will inform the customer aptly of this.


Prevention is key and should be taken seriously as ants will take advantage of whatever food and water sources are present.  Leftovers, crumbs, water, starch should be immediately cleaned up. Cabinets, drawers, floors, and countertops should be regularly, if not daily be wiped off. Maintenance and tidying up play a key role in keeping ants away.

Types of Ants

Our licensed ant exterminators treat mainly indoor ants such as the carpenter ants, pavement ants, and pharaoh ants.

Carpenter ants In the case of carpenter ants the treatment is similar but can vary slightly. While we perform a bait and crack and crevice treatment, we might have to also use an Ultra Low Volume mist machine to target a nest directly. Carpenter ants build nests by tunneling through moisture affected wood. If we can locate the nest, we will treat it directly. Common carpenter ant nesting areas can be in wall voids, framing lumber on walls or ceiling joists. Treating the nest directly will only speed up the treatment and it is not necessary for every carpenter ant extermination.

Pavement ants can be dark brown to black. Pavement ant colonies can count till 3000-4000 ants.  Several queens can be in a colony. The areas beneath slabs of pavements are a preference. Their diet consists of insects, seeds, honeydew, and honey. Indoors can feed on whatever is available such as nuts, cheeses. and meats.

Pharaoh Ants primarily feeds on oily substances, crumbs, sugar and are often found in multi-residential units and medical facilities. Pharaoh ants are small ants and can be easily overlooked. Pharaoh ants must be targeted using only bait. Each colony has multiple queens, and should members of the colony feel threatened they will split up and spread the problem.

Why hire Us for Ant Extermination?

Because we are fully equipped licensed and insured to deal with the most severe infestations with ease and to give you an ant-free life in no time. We have commercial-grade pesticides and tools to flush out seen and unseen ants that are inside the property. Our ant control services are covered with a 2-year service warranty. Call 647-578-7949

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Ant Control Bolton

A team of licensed, professional, trained, fully insured & equipped pest control specialists ready to take on any intrusive residential and commercial ant infestation. We thoroughly check for signs, levels of activity and peaks, deploy powerful pesticides and baits that directly affect the ant population and nest. We have tools and equipment at our disposal to ensure an efficient ant extermination process. We guarantee the ant extermination with a 6-month service warranty. If ants come back, so will we free of cost.