Raccoon Home Invasion Signs You Need Professional Removal

Raccoon Home Invasion – Signs You Need Professional Removal

Let’s say you’re watching TV in peace in the living room when you hear strange sounds coming from the attic. Or maybe you wake up to find trash all over your yard, and your garden looks like a battlefield. These signs could mean that rats are coming to stay. People who have raccoons in their homes need to know how to spot the signs and when to call professionals to get rid of them.

  1. Raccoons are mainly nocturnal, which means they are most busy at night, which could explain loud noises. It’s possible that raccoons are living in your attic or walls if you hear banging, scratching, or scurrying sounds at night.
  2. Damage to the Roof or Soffit: Raccoons are good at climbing, and they can get into your home through roof or soffit damage. If you see holes or other openings in these places, it means that rats may have gotten into your attic.
  3. Raccoons like to dig through gardens looking for bugs, grubs, and veggies. This can cause trouble in the garden. Raccoons may be to blame if you wake up to find your yard destroyed, with holes dug in the ground and plants pulled out of the ground.
  4. Trash cans that are upside down: Raccoons are known to love trash. Raccoons are probably to blame if your trash cans keep falling over and trash is all over your yard.
  5. Feces and Urine: Raccoon feces are different from dog feces; they often look like small dog feces, but the ends are curved. If you find these kinds of droppings on or near your land, raccoons are probably living there. Be careful, because raccoon poop can spread diseases.
  6. Raccoons have broken into bird feeders and eaten the birds inside. They are very good at climbing trees and don’t have any trouble doing this. Rats and skunks may be to blame if you keep finding bird feeders that are broken or empty.
  7. Sounds coming from the chimney: If you hear strange sounds coming from your chimney, it could mean that rats are stuck inside. They often go downstairs but find it hard to get back up.
  8. Ripped Screens or Vents: Raccoons may rip screens or vents to get into your home. These broken entry points can be very clear proof that they are there.
  9. Paw Prints: Raccoons may have left paw prints on your deck, in your yard, or around your property. Most raccoon prints have clear five-toed tracks that are spread out in a way that looks like a hand.
  10. Aggressive Behaviour: Raccoons are usually wary of people, but they can get mean if they feel trapped or if they need to protect their young. If you see a raccoon acting mean, it means that things may be getting worse.

As soon as you notice any of these signs, you need to move quickly. Some diseases, like rabies and roundworms, can be passed from raccoons to people and pets. If you want to get rid of raccoons in a safe and effective way, you should hire professional raccoon removal services.

Why you need a professional removal service:

Professional services that get rid of raccoons have the knowledge and tools to do the job in a safe and gentle way. They can find entry points, get rid of raccoons safely, and use exclusion methods to keep them from coming back. That way, both your family and the rats will be safe.

Finally, if you see signs of a raccoon attack in your home, don’t try to fix the problem yourself. Instead, talk to someone with experience who can look at the problem and come up with safe and effective ways to get rid of it. You’ll protect your home, your family, and the rats by doing this.

At Raccoon Control Bolton, We have professional and insured pest control specialists who have the tools available to take care of your break-in. Our raccoon service is backed up with a 2-year service warranty. If raccoons return, we will too at no additional cost. Call 647-578-7949