How to Keep Cockroaches Out of Your Kitchen

How to Keep Cockroaches Out of Your Kitchen

People often say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, but cockroaches love to hang out there. That’s not all—these hardy pests are also unsightly and can be bad for your health because they leave behind germs when they search for food. If you don’t want cockroaches in your house, follow these tips.

1. Make sure the area is clean

Since cockroaches are drawn to food and water, keeping your home clean is the first thing you should do to keep them away. Make sure your kitchen stays clean:

  • Clean up spills right away: Cockroaches are drawn to wet surfaces, so cleaning up spills right away can help keep them away.
  • How to properly store food: Food should be kept in cases that can’t be opened.
  • Throw away trash often: Make sure the trash can lid is tight and empty it often.

2. Lock up any entry points

They can get into your home through small holes and cracks. Seal up possible entry points:

  • Fill in cracks and gaps: Look over your kitchen and use caulk to fill in any holes. Pay attention to the places where countertops meet walls, pipes, and vents.
  • Put door sweeps in place: Cockroaches can’t get inside, so make sure the outside doors have door sweeps.

3. Get rid of junk. Cockroaches like places to hide, so clear out your kitchen:

  • Get rid of piles: Get rid of any stacks of newspapers, cardboard boxes, or bags that cockroaches can use as a home.
  • Clean your shelves and drawers often: Take things out of the closets and drawers, vacuum, and wipe down the inside.

4. Fix any leaks

  • To keep cockroaches away, fix any pipe leaks right away:
  • Fix leaks: Look for leaks under sinks and around taps and fix them if you find any.

5. Pay attention to pet food

  • Be careful with your dogs’ food if you have them:
  • Do not leave food out for your pet overnight: Cockroaches will come for a midnight meal if you leave pet food out. Instead, give your dogs food during the day and take away any extra at night.

6. Set up traps and baits for cockroaches

Cockroach treats and traps can help you keep an eye on and get rid of infestations:

Placement for strategy: Put food and traps in places you think cockroaches might be or along routes they might take to get to other places. Make sure to follow the directions that came with the product.

7. Check and clean appliances on a regular basis

Cockroaches often hide in and around the following kitchen appliances:

  • Check the appliances: Move the appliances every so often and clean under and behind them. Cockroaches often hide in places like this.
  • Clean the appliances: Keep ovens, toasters, microwaves, and other equipment clean of crumbs and other food bits.

8. Keep firewood away from the house

If you have a furnace or stove that burns wood, keep the firewood away from your house. Woodpiles are good places for cockroaches to hide, and they can easily get inside.

9. Keep compost bins safe

If you recycle, make sure the bin is locked so cockroaches can’t get in.

Close up your bin: Cockroaches can get into your compost bin through holes in the lid, so make sure it has a tight seal.

10. Pest control by professionals

Professional pest control services are a good option for serious infestations or problems that won’t go away:

Talk to a professional in bug control: If you’ve tried a number of different ways to keep cockroaches away and still have a problem, you should call a professional pest control service to come look at the problem and give you advice on how to treat it.

The thought of having cockroaches in the kitchen is awful, but these steps can help you avoid getting them. You can cook without cockroaches if you keep your kitchen clean and well-sealed and are diligent in your efforts to get rid of pests.

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